Finger Sucker, Quincy

His profile, age 60, wants a relationship, 6’4″. looking for someone to share all that life has to offer. likes travel, long drives, motorcycles, social drinker non-smoker. works in Law enforcement.

We exchanged multiple messages via the dating site, proceeded to talking on the phone, nice voice, pleasant to talk to. We decided to facebook friend each other and all that seemed pretty normal.

We decide to meet at restaurant that was located about 20 minute ride for each of us. Its a Sunday afternoon,  sunny, warm and a nice day to get out of the house.

I pulled in and sent him a text, he texted back i’m at the bar come one in, well, this was my first red flag, I see a man sitting at the bar and pointing over his head to the seat next to him, he never turned to look at me,  no eye contact, absolutely no acknowledgement whats so ever other than to point at the chair next to him.

So i take my seat and look at him and say hi it’s nice to meet you, he replied i hope your hungry it’s .98 pizza day. we ordered two pizza’s and soda, the conversation went well. At this point i’m not really feeling a connection but it’s only been 30 minutes or so.

He suggest we we take a ride along the beach, i was like no i don’t think that’s a good idea, he was like come on you know i’m safe i’m in law enforcement and i’m sure you’ve googled me (and i had).

I’ll make this part as short as i can, we took a ride along the waterfront and it was beautiful, he wanted an ice-cream,  we stopped for an ice-cream, when it was time to pay he put his hand out for me give him money, so i did, he did pay for the .98 pizza.. LOL. the drive continues and now he wants coffee so we stop at the coffee shop and he motion his hand at me to give him money, so i did, I’m finding this kinda funny. The pizza bill was less then 10.00 with tip. the ice-cream was around 8.00 and the coffee was 7.00 ( he order some special coffee.)

We park at the beach so he can drink his coffee, we were in his pickup truck and big pickup, he reaches over and takes my hand and starts to smell my arm and makes a comment that my skin smells sooo good and started talking about our life together (oh god here comes the creepy shit)  I was creeped out that he was smelling my arm and kissing my hand- so i turned my head to look out the window and that’s when it happened! he slipped my index and middle finger into his mouth (hence the finger sucker) and i didn’t see it coming, i pulled my hand away and said it’s time to go.

We got back to my car that was parked at the pizza pub we met at, i’m not sure if he had  put the truck in park when i jumped out and said bye. He tried to get out of the truck,  i’m assuming to give me a hug, but i was almost running back to my car.

when i got home I blocked him from my phone, facebook and the dating site – he was ghosted (the practice of ending all contact)  and did i mention he smelled and i didn’t notice until we were in the truck, it was a sick rotten smell.









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