I’ve been Ghosted.

Profile: Divorced white male 58, enjoys dining, walks on the beach, discovering new places, writing music and playing guitar for fun, looking for that special one.

Wow, the profile pics were pretty hot, we sent online messages via the dating site for about a week before meeting at a restaurant in my area.

We decided to meet outside so we could walk-in together ( I find it awkward to walk into a place looking for someone) . My first impression – he looks even better in person :-).  Great conversation, he was very interesting.

The dinner went so well we decided to go see a movie, after the movie we went back to the restaurant (we originally met at)  for a cocktail (i had water, i don’t usually drink on a first date), I’d say this date went pretty good and he had a nice car! (I’m car chick)

In the following days we talked on the phone, texted and planned another dinner date for the upcoming weekend.  I was pretty excited and looking forward to the next date.

The weekend is here and i decided i would drive his way since he drove my way for the first date, we lived about 45 minutes from each other.

He picked a nice Italian restaurant, i googled it to see how to dress, so I dressed appropriately, nice jeans and top with my pearls (they dress up most things), we arrived at the same time and i was a little surprised that he was dressed in shorts and a ratty shirt (it is winter)  definitively under dressed but, i’m ok with that,  he’s been single for awhile.  Dinner was fabulous, i even had a glass of wine.

It was an early dinner and he suggested going back to his house, I said that would be fine but i don’t want give you the wrong impression, he said no problem –  I want you to meet my dog and i’ll play a new song my son and i just wrote.

I felt completely safe with him and as always – I had googled the hell out of him, he owned his own business and didn’t have one reported complaint about him, only great reviews.

I followed him to his house, wow! a really nice house,  well kept and his dog was awesome. He pulled out the guitar and played me his new song, i sat in a big fluffy chair with the dog and thought to myself this is so nice and relaxing.  Wait for it….

When the song was done, he sat on the sofa and motioned for me to sit next to him, we shared a nice kiss and then he looked at me and said lets go to the bedroom! I politely said it’s time for me to leave and thanked him for a wonderful evening. BTW he was a gentleman about it, i chalked it up as he was giving it the old college try.

As I made that 45 minute ride home all i could think of was – NO way would i be making this drive on a regular basis to see someone, note, it was off season at 10:00 pm and it took 45 minutes. During the summer traffic  this route is very heavy and would be more like 2 hours. geographically undesirable! WAIT, hello,  I should be thinking.. Was this a hookup date? we did meet on bumble.

When i arrived home I sent him text and thanked him for a wonderful evening.

He didn’t respond to my text, ok I I’ve been ghosted!  lol …  I’ve learned dating at 50+ is no different from dating at 20, its all about the sex!



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