“Sweetie” Why doesn’t he use my name?


Is “Sweetie” A universal word used to avoid calling someone the wrong name?

his Profile: Divorced white male age 54. wants a relationship, Animal lover,looking for a kind, caring, loving women that is loyal. (sounds like he should get a dog)

his photo’s were blurry, he’s only 5’8″

his message: good morning sweetie (my first name is clearly listed) how are you today?

I didn’t respond but left his message in my inbox.

3 weeks later he sent another message: Sweetie you are sooo beautiful

Me at 11 PM: how are you?

His response: hey I’m well thank you and yourself sweetie?
me: not bad

Him: your a country girl (followed by a kissing emoji)

ugh i’m going to bed this conversation is boring…

5:40 AM Him: Good morning sweetie

Me: good morning, why are you up so early on a Saturday morning?

Him: I wish i were waking up to you by my side sweetie xoxo

Ok, he didn’t answer my question, we have never met and he’s already wishing i was in his bed! this is what happens when your bored and respond to someone you never should of…. Ghosted!

I’m all set with the “Sweetie” thing. Terms of endearment?? I think not.. Sweetie is NOT my name…

Is it ever going to get any better than this?


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