Creepy Guy.

Profile: White Male, Divorced, age 64, Hopeless Romantic looking for a Relationship. Lets do fun things like playing with silly string and shoot a potato gun (that was the red flag I should of payed attention to.)

We spent time sending message via the dating site, all seemed pretty normal. Exchanged phone numbers and chatted a few times on the phone, again, pretty normal (he could talked forever)

We decided to meet for an early dinner, we met in the parking lot so we could walk in together.

I told him what i drove to make it easier to find each other in the parking lot and he said he drove a Lincoln Navigator, (I’m thinking not bad), he walked up to my car  –  i  actually never saw what he was driving (now I know why)

The corny jokes started immediately.

him: “you must do interior design because you definitely made this room more beautiful.”

Me: hahahaha

Him: Are you a camera? because every time i look at you , i smile.

Me: haha

Him: I need to call google, because you have everything i’m searching for.

Me: Did you sit in your car google corning jokes????

The jokes stop, Hallelujah!!  now he proceeds to tell me crazy stories about people he rents rooms to in his house ( he just built this house so it’s new) he mentions the board heath was called on him, he’s having issues with town officials and had to get a  court order to remove someone he rented to.. blah blah blah Now i just want to get the heck out of here.

Crap! he leans over the table and whispers lets go to your house ( is this guy freaking serous!).,  I politely said NO..

He tells me he went to the library and picked up 5 movies, ( this tells me he doesn’t have cable and i’m assuming he doesn’t have indoor plumbing since the board of heath was at this house) here it comes… eeekkk he asks me to his house and says, just to let you know it’s not clean! (well no shit someone called the board heath on you dude) …..  thinking quick i said YES, ( i wanted his address so i can google this dude when I got home) i put the address in my phone.  (before a date I google phone numbers and names but an address can get you a lot of information)

I”m driving down the highway heading home and this vehicle pulls in front of me, it looked like something out of a horror movie, the back was all rusted and tail lights were so dim i could barely see them, i’m still not sure if it had a license plate since the bulb was out.

Just as i was about to pass this scary car, my phone rings, guess who.. it was “him”  he was calling to tell me  – he just pulled in front of me and to follow him, (omg he’s driving that creepy car) I said ok but i have to hangup i’m not comfortable talking on the phone and driving.  Now I have to follow him until he gets to an exit, finally the exit.

He takes the exit and i go straight.. Yes! i ghosted him as soon as i got home, blocked from everything and never did google him..






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