The Meet and Greet or A First Date?


 Part 1

Meet and Greet:  Coffee shop, a cocktail at a local pub or a walk in a public place “Not in the woods”‘ Seriously people DO NOT go for a walk in the woods with a stranger.


The meet and greet feels more like a business deal or job interview, I’m still up in the air about this one.  It usually ends with an awkward hug.  lets face it who wants to hug a stranger?  not me!


First Date: Would be dinner, movie or any event you spend quality time at.

Its a more intimate setting, relaxing,  people tend to be more themselves, the key thing is “time,” You spend a lot more time together on a date, therefore, you can learn more about each other.

adult dinner

The guy that wants the meet and greet is either broke or is suffering from a serous internet profile “Bait and Switch” tactic, this is when a not so attractive or height weight proportionate women uses an app to change her appearance.  WTF  this apparently happens often..

Come on guys take the leap of faith, make the best of it and move on, Not all women out there are looking for a free meal and drinks.



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